Monday, July 27, 2009

my 10 words

Today I stumbled upon a lovely blog called Elle's New England Kitchen, and she suggested bloggers follow her lead and share their 10 favorite words, along with an explanation as to why they are your favorite. I thought it was a lovely idea, so here are my top ten. I would love to hear yours!

1. Autumn
Growing up in Northern California, I never experienced the four seasons, and once I moved here to Austria I instantly fell in love with nature's dramatic cycles. Especially autumn. There's just something about it. The smell of woodsmoke on the cool, crisp air; vibrant foliage; birds migrating overhead; misty, dewy mornings and cozy evenings; pies and pumpkins and Christmas to look forward to; cute sweaters and scarves; and the beginning of the baking season.

2. Pumpkin
This word is charming, humble, and nourishes the soul as the actual fruit nourishes the tummy.

3. Christmas
I could gush on and on about Christmas. It's the most exciting holiday of the year, and by far the one with the most preparation involved. I pour over old Country Living and Martha Stewart Living issues for ideas and inspiration. It's also the only time where my beloved husband is home for two whole weeks, and we dedicate it to stuffing our faces and curling up on the couch under quilts to watch movies and old Friend's episodes. 

4. Doggy
Because they are the purest, funnest, most loving creatures you can invite into your home. They will love you selflessly every day.

5. Home
This is where it all happens. This is where the most memories are made, where food is cooked and shared, and where I spend simple, beautiful moments with my husband and my dog.

6. Nature
This is my second 'home.' I love nature so much and am in constant awe of her. Her ability to destroy and rebuild. To renew herself and share so tirelessly of herself. She is more beautiful than any building, bridge, or any other man-made object imaginable. I am eternally grateful for nature's bounty and beauty.

7. Country
It's where I live, what I love, and what I cherish.

8. Delicious
I probably use this word once or twice a day. I love food so much, especially the delicious kinds :) There's an episode of King of Queens where Deacon says to Doug, who is eating a donut, "I thought you cut out carbs," to which Doug replies, "I've decided to only eat DELICIOUS carbs." Yes, deliciousness is something so wonderful, and I try to have a little of it every day.

9. Precious
This word reminds me again and again to cherish, nourish, and preserve the things, people, and ideals which are most important and valuable to me.

10. Gratitude
I try every day to be filled with gratitude for the many blessings in my life. Even on hard days, sad days, days where I feel angry and alone and misunderstood, there are so many things to be grateful for! Gratitude is something which, when it is cultivated in your heart, leads you out of self-pity. It picks you up and dusts you off, and reminds you of your worth.


  1. This is a wonderful entry - I agree with you on a lot of it! I love autumn, pumpkins, home, christmas and delicious things and I am very thankful for all of them!

  2. :) I love you people, so glad you're here!

  3. Hey Dawn, great list! I expected most of them to appear in your list before I started reading. I agree with you on christmas, home, nature, delicious, precious and gratidute but I'm more of a spring person although I'm sure I'll appreciate autumn more when it comes.

  4. i know that this is an old post, but i love it and i love your choice of words as they would also be my choice of favorite words! i am just discovering your blog and i love it, and am having a wonderful time looking around at your lovely words and photos! i am also a country girl and am so glad to "meet" you!



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